25 June - 05 July, 2020
Participants of the IV photo festival "FotoKrok" in Vitebsk. Art space in CSI, June 30, 2019.
Photo: Gennady Dubinin (FotoKrok)
The city of Vitebsk is considered the cultural capital of Belarus for a reason – creative life is concentrated there for a reason. Vitebsk is already known to the world as the city where world-class masters in various fields of culture, art, and science were born, lived, and created. These are Yuri Pen, Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich,
El Lissitzky, Ilya Repin, mark Fradkin and many others.
There is another outstanding person who made the city famous, this is Sigismund Yurkovsky-a photographer, designer, who made an invention (a shutter-slotted shutter), which is still used by the entire world photographic community. His name is included in world and domestic books and reference books on photography.

International festival of photography "Fotokrok" named S. Yurkovsky
a platform for fans and admirers of photography, where you can exchange creative and professional experience.

– Festival photo contest "My roads"
– Exhibitions of photo masters from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine
– Festival blitz competition
– Lectures, creative meetings and master classes
– Photo performances
– Portfolio review of photos
– Work of creative workshops

What is a "FotoKrok"? Belarusian means Photo step.
A step is the beginning of movement, then life begins.
Without movement there is no life!
The purpose of the photo festival is to unite national and foreign photo enthusiasts in the most creative place of the Republic of Belarus – the city of Vitebsk.
The objectives of the photofest are to show the audience a high level of photographic culture by organizing a number of high-class photographic exhibitions of both classics of photography and the best works of modern Amateur photographers on a competitive basis.
Conduct educational master classes, lectures, and portfolio-review sessions to improve photo skills among Amateur photographers.
Create a place of continuity between Amateurs and professionals, create a platform for reflecting the diversity of the surrounding reality with the help of photography.
10 days

The program of the Photofest will be held On the days of the city of Vitebsk (1046 years) on June 25 - July 05, 2020
2 contests

There are two festival competitions for you - the main theme of the festival "MY ROADS"
and blitz
14 classes

The program of the photofest includes master classes, lectures and portfolio reviews of photos
17 exhibitions

National exhibitions of photo masters from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and other countries are presented
Deadline: June 15, 2020
Festival Competition
Rules for conducting a photo contest
These rules define the purpose of conducting a thematic photo contest (Contest), the conditions for participation in it, the procedure for conducting it and determining the winners of the contest.
Purpose and objectives of the competition
Name: Open photo contest "MY ROADS "in the framework of the V international festival of photography" FOTOKROK " named Sigismund Yurkovsky in Vitebsk.
The competition has an international status, participation in the Competition is held on a voluntary and equal basis, and everyone can take part in it. The competition is open, the geography of participants is not limited.
The competition was established to create a professional platform for evaluating photographic creativity
in the Republic of Belarus. The competition, as well as the festival as a whole, glorifies the name of the famous Vitebsk photographer of the 19th century Sigismund Yurkovsky.
At the end of the competition, the best photos and works of the winners form an exhibition that is displayed throughout the year

Organizer of competition
The organizer of competition – Fund of photography "PhotoKrok", Vitebsk
The Organizer's responsibilities include:
– Organization and holding of the Competition;
– Preparation and dissemination of information messages about the Competition;
– Determining the terms and venue of the Competition;
– Organizing the work of the competition jury;
– Summing up the results, preparing prizes and awarding the winners;
– Organization and holding of the final exhibition of photos of the winners and the best works of the competition;
– Resolution of disputes.

Condition of participation
The competition is open. Anyone can participate in the competition with their own works, except for the competition organizers and members of the professional jury. Authors from any country are allowed to participate in the competition without restrictions.
The author of the photographic material can be one or more photographers who submitted their works to the competition on their own behalf. In case of disputes, the contest organizers request proof of authorship.
The organizers of the contest reserve the right to exclude all the author's works from the competition or prize in case of violations of copyright.
The decision to exclude works is made by the organizing Committee of the competition. Decision to appeal
not applicable.

The official languages of the contest are Belarusian, Russian and English.
Participation in the contest is free of charge.
Only works that meet the theme and requirements specified in these Rules are accepted for the Competition.
Works submitted to the Contest are not returned, are not reviewed, and are stored
from the Organizer. By submitting photos to the Contest, the authors agree to these Rules and transfer to the Organizer non-exclusive copyright to use the photos for purposes related to the Contest without paying any remuneration.
The works of the Contest participants can be used for:
– Publications in any printed and electronic materials of the Organizer;
– Public display (photo exhibition).
Submitted photos must be taken personally by the author and cannot be borrowed
from external sources.
Each participant can submit no more than 10 different photos in the single photo category and up to 3 series in the series category. Photography on the theme of the contest "MY ROADS" should be done in the period 2015-2020.
Photos must have titles and can be accompanied by comments from the authors.

Terms and procedure of the Competition
Acceptance of works takes place from March 10 to June 15, 2020.
All entries submitted by participants are passed on to a professional jury for evaluation.
The jury has the right to transfer photos to another category without the consent of the author.
The results of the Competition will be summed up on June 15-20, 2020.
The announcement of the winners of the Competition is held at the opening of the final exhibition
on June 24 2020 as part of the festival of photography "FotoKrok" in Vitebsk.
The award ceremony will take place on June 28, 2020 at the closing of the Fotokrok photography festival in Vitebsk.
All winners will receive an email notification in advance and detailed instructions on how to receive prizes.
The terms of the Competition stages may change at the decision of the Organizer.
All up-to-date information about the Contest, exact dates, deadlines, etc. is posted on the official page of the Contest on the Internet: http://fotokrok.org

Theme and concept of the contest
We encourage Amateur and professional photographers to participate in the festival competition
"MY ROADS" and send pictures that represent the state of traffic.

Work requirements
Before submitting works for the competition, the author must register on the website of the festival "Photo lesson" by filling out an electronic questionnaire. Fill in the last Name / first Name / phone Number / email Address / City of residence REGISTRATION
Only pre-registered authors can participate in the competition.
Each participant can submit no more than 10 different photos in the single photo category and up to 3 series in the series category.
Series consisting of at least three and a maximum of twelve photos are accepted.
One photo can't be submitted in more than one category.
Photos for the Contest must be submitted as files by email to fest@fotokrok.org

Entries are accepted in the following categories:
Photos are taken with minimal graphic processing (cropping, adjusting the density/exposure level, contrast, b/W translation is allowed);
The file name must be in Russian/Belarusian/English, with a sequential indication of the category, full name of the Author and the title of the work.
Example for single photos: CONTEST-2020. ivanov A. I. My roads.jpg
Example for the series: the CONTEST-2020. Series A. I. ivanov A. I. My roads_01/02/03… .jpg
Photos with a description of the location, date and time of shooting, and author's comments are welcome.
A photo may not be accepted for participation in the Competition if:
– The work does not meet the specified requirements of these Rules;
– The work contains calls to violence, racial, national or religious intolerance, elements of eroticism;
– The work was sent later than the deadline set by the Organizer.

criterion of estimation
– Compliance of the work with the contest theme;
– Technical image quality (exposure, sharpness, clarity, color);
– Availability of technical methods of photography (optics, intelligent design, wiring);
– Artistic expressiveness of the photo (original composition, presence of a plot, semantic contrast, use of visual means, etc.);
– General impression (expert opinion of a professional jury).

Summing up the results of the Competition
The best photos will be included in the festival exhibition, and the winners will be awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts from the Fotokrok Festival.
The selection of competition works is made by a jury of professional photographers, curators and critics of photography as part of the masters of the festival:
The Chairman of the jury is Evgeny Berezner curator of photography in Russia and abroad, expert in international portfolio reviews.
In each category, the works that received the most votes from the jury are recognized as the best. The result of the review is recorded by each member of the jury by filling out a rating sheet. The final decision is made in the form of a Protocol, which determines the winners of the Competition.
The organizing Committee and the jury have the right to establish special prizes.
The jury has the right not to award individual prizes or divide one prize (except for the Grand Prix) between several participants.

Prize fund
As awards among the participants of the competition are played:
The main Prize is the Grand Prix of the photo contest.
Prize and Diploma for 1 / 2 / 3 place of the competition in the category of single images.
Prize and Diploma for 1 / 2 / 3 place of the competition in the series category.
The established prizes of the prize Fund of the Contest are not exchanged and cannot be replaced by a monetary equivalent.

Final provision
The fact of participation in the Contest implies that the Participant consents to processing of his personal data , namely collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, recording on electronic media and storage, clarification, updating, modification, use, distribution (including transfer to a certain circle of persons, the introduction of an unlimited circle of persons, disclosure and cross-border transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction and other methods of processing of personal data solely for the purpose of the Contest in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
In case of violation by a person of any of the provisions of these Rules, as well as establishing the fact of unfair (including, but not exclusively, the placement of false information by a person, the placement of obscene and / or ambiguous from the point of view of morals and morals) and / or gross and unworthy behavior of a person (including, but not exclusively, placing an obscene photo by a person) The organizer has the right to prevent such a person from participating in the Competition and/or suspend the person at any stage of the Competition from further participation in the Competition and/or deprive the person of the prize of the prize Fund of the Competition, while deleting the photo posted by the person. In this case, the Organizer has the right to dispose of the prize at its own discretion.
The fact of participation in this Contest implies that its Participants are familiar with and agree to these Terms and conditions of the user agreement.
In everything that is not provided for by these Rules, the Organizer and Participants of the Competition are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


Contact details of the Organizer
The administrator of the festival – Tatiana Lobatskaya +375 29 214-41-40
Director of the Fotokrok photography Foundation – Vasily Prudnikov +375 29 558-77-96
INFORMATION about Russia:
Partner of the festival - cultural project RUSS PRESS PHOTO
Phone: +7 915 258-71-25
© 2020 Vitebsk Local photography Foundation " FotoKrok»
MOVEMENT is a cross-cutting theme of the festival. KROK -
in Belarusian means step. A step is the beginning of a movement, and then the ROADS begin...
We encourage Amateur photographers
and professionals to become participants of the festival competition "MY ROADS"
and send pictures that represent the state of constant movement, photos that indicate the road in a literal and figurative form. We are waiting for your photos with interesting subjects or views taken on the way.
Aristotle claimed that there is the very first moving principle that causes all movement and change.
And this beginning is incomprehensible and unchangeable, and the movement itself is eternal and represents pure energy. Everything that happens around us doesn't just come out of nowhere. Everything we have achieved or failed to achieve in our lives is the result of movement or, conversely, inaction. It is important to understand that movement can be not only in the form of some physical action, but also in the form of spiritual and mental development. All spheres of a person's life, from career to spiritual balance, depend on movement. MOVEMENT is a cross-cutting theme of the festival. KROK means step in Belarusian. A step is the beginning of a movement, then the ROADS begin...
Read the Rules of the photo contest above and send your work to the contest fest@fotokrok.org
Photo: Vlady Rolov
25 JUNE - 05 july, 2020
Masters of FotoKrok-2020
  • Valera and Natasha Cherkashin (Moscow)
    Artists, performance artists
    Valera and Natasha Cherkashin – contemporary artists of the world scale? Real ambassadors of Russian art. This is already a name-brand.
    In their work, they actively use the technique of photography. Performance artists. Cherkashins know that behind the photo image is an invisible, but existing world. Valera received a remarkable school of Russian avant-garde, working in the group of Sterligov (a student of Malevich).
    And having a good experience in working with traditional material,
    I decided to return to my old photographic experience.
    By combining this, he was able to identify invisible but existing spaces
    and make them visible using the technique of drawing retouching and red pencil on the photo.
    https://www.cherkashinart.com/ >>>
    The festival presents the exhibition "Suprematism in reality".
  • Dmitry Morgulis (Khabarovsk)
    Dmitry Morgulis is an independent photographer. Place of residence-Khabarovsk, Russia. Member of the Union of photo artists of Russia. Member of the League of professional photographers of Russia, participant of the international project of RIA Novosti "21 My Pacific ocean", participant of the exhibition "21 My Pacific ocean" in the Tretyakov gallery. ITAR TASS works, RIA Novosticooperates, the magazine "RUSSIAN PHOTO", winner of the photo contest "BEST of RUSSIA" 2013-2016. Dmitry Morgulis prefers genre photography, where the object of his observations is life itself, and also makes author's documentary and artistic photo projects. Takes a classic street genre rangefinder Leica and a Hasselblad medium format camera. The festival presents its art project "Good morning, Picasso!".
    https://morgulis.ru/ >>>
  • Evgeny Berezner (Moscow)
    Evgeny Berezner – art Director of the festival "FotoKrock", curator
    in the field of photography in Russia and abroad. He has held more than 250 exhibitions. Chairman of the jury of the International competition for the best photographic publication of Central and Eastern Europe in Bratislava, Slovakia. Expert in international portfolio reviews in Berlin, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, Krasnodar, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Porto Alegre, Plovdiv, and Houston. Curator of the "New gallery" in Moscow.
    https://ru.wikipedia.org >>>
  • Mikhail Maslennikov (Odessa)
    Documentary photographer, curator
    Mikhail Maslennikov-independent photographer and the head Of the creative Union " leg " (professional Association of documentary photographers).
    The main directions of Maslennikov's photographic activity are single expeditions to hard-to-reach places, live communication and contact
    with the inhabitants of the hinterland, inhabitants of active monasteries, monasteries, caretakers of ancient temples, churchyards, studying the way of life of modern hermits
    and separate communities. Since the middle of 2005 I started shooting field reports and seriously thought about it
    about the photographic process as an image of a special transmission of the author's thought in a missionary way.
    At the festival, as a curator, he presents the exhibition of Viktor Ratushny "Odessa-NY".
    http://noga-art.com/authors/mm >>>
  • Svyatoslav Ponomarev (Moscow)
    Photographer, artist, musician
    Svyatoslav Ponomarev is a well-known Russian artist, photographer, musician, and performer. Engaged in art practice in various fields of art. The founder of the Theatre of Tibetan music PURBA. Ponomarev is a synthetic figure, he is an artist for whom different tools of utterance, up to different types of art, are obvious forms of expression of the results of a single process of exploring the world. The master of conceptual art will talk about photography beyond photography. Further and deeper. Where there is complete chaos. It is this condition that helps Svyatoslav Ponomarev
    working on your masterpieces.
    http://mipap.ru/ponomarevsvyatoslav >>>
    The festival presents the exhibition " Archeology of photography. In search of lost time."
  • Alexander Kurbatov (Moscow)
    Photographer, photography teacher
    Alexander Kurbatov is a professional photojournalist since 1976, has an architectural education, and is an expert in the history of photography and photo composition. He wrote a treatise "the Metaphysics of the photographic process from" A " to "Z". Kurbatov – a true" leechnik", prefers genre photography, was familiar with Henri Cartier Bresson – accompanied the Maestro during his stay in Moscow, was friends with Vladyka Pitirim, and it is noteworthy that their friendship was also linked by photography and a common attachment to the Leica camera.
    Currently a teacher of author's courses at the Institute of photography RUSS PRESS PHOTO.
    http://mipap.ru/kurbatov >>>
  • Sergey Voronin
    A well-known Russian photographer who has been professionally engaged in photojournalism since 1984. TASS photocore made reports from almost all hot spots of the country – the revolution in Romania, Nagorno-Karabakh, Vilnius, Riga, Putsch-1 and 2. Finished the military theme in the trenches of Transnistria. Since 1993, he has been a photographer for the Primus Agency of the Kommersant publishing house and a number of other Russian publications. Currently, an independent photojournalist who has been studying the RUSSIAN TOPIC for 30 years, continues to work on a project under the working title "NATIVE" – about the national traditions of the peoples of the former Union, motherhood.
    Prize-winner of the "Press photo of Russia" competitions-96, 97, 98. In 1999, he won the Grand Prix of the Izvestia – Canon – 2000 newspaper contest "Man of the end of the Millennium". In 2011, he won the Grand Prix of the Orthodox photography contest "Faith in Russia".
    http://mipap.ru/voronin >>>
    The festival presents the exhibition " Orthodox.We".
  • Tatyana Tkacheva (Minsk)
    Lives and works in Minsk. She graduated from the Belarusian state University of culture and arts with a degree in fundamental cultural studies. In photos from 2015. Graduated from the Academy of documentary photography and photojournalism "Fotografika" in Saint Petersburg. Tatyana Tkacheva is a winner and finalist of international competitions and festivals. Cooperates with Belarusian and foreign media. Works published in such Cases, The Guardian, Spiegel Online, Ostrov Magazine, Lenta.ru, Bird in Flight, Star, Imena.mag, Onliner, Tut.by. Tatyana Tkacheva is a visiting expert in visual culture at the school of social journalism at the Johannes Rau Minsk international educational center.
    http://tkachova.com/ >>>
    At the festival, he presents the exhibition "Between right and shame".

  • Michal Wasaznik (Oslo)
    Born 1956 in Warsaw.
    A photographer who in the 1980s was one of the first and most active to document the independent punk rock and new wave scene in Poland. His reports illustrating the counterculture of those times are today part of the genre's classics and are used in numerous publications. The most important and most widely presenting work is the author's album "Generation" with the text of the culture researcher Robert Jarosz, published by Ha! Art. He makes reportage photos in the area of broadly understood culture, including local and alternative. Due to his current residence, he is also interested in multiculturalism and its various aspects. Another area of interest: architecture in relation to nature. He exhibited works in Berlin, Goniądz, Jarocin, Krakow, Lubin, Oslo, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poznań, Szklarska Poręba, Tarnów, Warsaw.
    He is the author of several albums and many publications in the periodical press. He currently lives and works in Oslo.
  • Marek Grygie
    Marek Grygiel is a well-known Polish curator, editor and publisher of photographic projects and publications. Graduated from the Institute of art history of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
    In 1990-2012, he was curator of photography At the Ujazdowski Castle center for contemporary art in Warsaw. He held about 50 exhibitions at the Ujazdowski Castle exhibition center, exhibitions of modern Scandinavian photography and modern and classical Spanish photography; Ars Baltica international Biennale; the Belgian-canadian Disappearing exhibition. Since 1992-publisher and editor of the photographic magazine "FOTOTAPETA". Honorary member
    of the Association of Polish photographers. Corresponding member of the German Academy
    of photography.
  • Jānis Deinats
    Janis Deinats was born in 1961 in Riga, Latvia, USSR. He was trained as an actor. He has been engaged in photography since 1989.
    Art Wave the Wind: "Janis Deinats amazingly versatile and hardworking photographer. Maybe it's a person's creativity and communication skills that are at least part of their success keys. And yet, it is clear that its success is based on a sympathetic view that sees the unusual where not everyone is capable"
    http://deinats.lv >>>
    The festival presents the exhibition "Edge of the world" and holds a creative meeting.
  • Vasily Prudnikov (Moscow-Vitebsk)
    Director of the festival "FotoKrok"
    Photographer, photojournalist, publisher, curator of photo exhibitions, author and head Of the cultural project "RUSS PRESS PHOTO". Winner of the national award "Golden eye of Russia" of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation for the creation of the exhibition project " GRAND PRIX IN RUSSIAN. Photos of Russian and Soviet winners of the World Press Photo contest". Creator and curator of the international festival of photography "FotoKrok" named after S. Yurkovsky
    in Vitebsk, Director of the Fotokrok photography Foundation. Expert
    in the fields of: history of Russian photojournalism, photo reportage, publishing, photobook design, exhibition activity, art of photography.
    http://mipap.ru/prudnikov >>>
  • Igor Lyapunov
    Architect, lecturer
    The architect, a member of the Union of architects of Belarus, was born in Vitebsk in 1963.
    Education: Belarusian national University, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
    Since 2002, he has been living and working in Moscow. In his professional portfolio, he is a leading architect of the SKOLKOVO Innovation center, chief architect of the Domodedovo airport projects, and a private architectural practice in Moscow, Khanty-Mansiysk, Serbia and Montenegro. The main thing in architecture is the ability to see and call time. Believes in the despotic mission of the triad "Benefit-Eternity-Beauty" and does not believe in the architecture of the ghetto and restoration.
    Expert in composition theory, art history, religious culture and art, and mythology.
    At the festival, he will give a lecture for photographers and creative people in General about the need for a creative method when creating a work of art.
  • Vladimir Pavlov - "Minsk" photo club (Minsk)
    Vladimir Pavlov - Chairman of the Belarusian people's photo club "Minsk" from 2014. Himself in the club
    since 1999, a graduate of the Studio
    V. Zhuravkov and A. Tsekhanovich. He loves all photographic genres without exception, but himself "on life" is most often engaged in reportage photography. He believes that his generation was "fabulously lucky with the glorious Soviet childhood". At the festival, on behalf of the club, he presents the"FOTOGRAFIKA" collection
    in honor of the 60th anniversary of the photo club.
    With the successful holding of the exhibition "Fotografika-71" (and subsequent– '73,'75,'78,'81,'89) Minsk photo club has become a real "photomekka" for creative photographers not only in the USSR, but also in foreign countries.
    Photo club "Minsk" - people's Amateur collective named after Eugene Kozyuli was created in September 1960, today the real national heritage of the Republic of Belarus.
  • DASHA Art
    Photographer, artist
    Dasha art is a modern Belarusian photographer. Best European photographer 2020 (FEP).
    Since 2015, Dasha has been working as an international photographer of fine art and fashion, in particular concept art, fine art, fashion, and emotional creativity.
    Pictures of Dasha is very popular in the field of advertising. Develops unusual decors and creates exclusives for private collections, shows products in a new way and attracts the viewer with an unusual photo.
    Winner and prize-winner of many world-famous photo contests: PX3/MIFA/IPA/ND/SIPA/ FAPA/FEP/WPE/TSC, etc.
    Her photos are increasingly appearing on magazine covers, and people are reading her interesting interviews. In 2020, Dasha started working with the world-famous premium brand Leica, becoming the first representative of this brand in Belarus.
    https://www.dashafoto.com/ >>>
    The festival presents its exhibition "DASHA ART" and holds a creative meet.
  • Dmitry Demko
    Vitebsk photographer Dmitry Demko was born in 1968, drew from a small childhood, then there was an art school and art school, I thought that I would become an artist. In the same period of time, Dmitry gets his first camera - "Smena-2", but the real awareness of photography as an art came when he began to shoot with a digital camera. Dmitry came to photography himself, without having any teachers in this business, but, as he admitted, familiarity with the work of Alexander Slyusarev significantly expanded his ideas about the possibilities and boundaries of photography. "I would give my preference to analytical photography. For me, information about a particular moment is not important, and information about the state of this moment is important" - this is the principle of frame construction that the author highlighted for himself.
    The first public display of the author's works took place in 2017 at the festival "FotoKrok", Dmitry Demko became a finalist of the festival special project "Vitebsk wall". Personal website: http://demkodima.tilda.ws/
  • Alexander Lyskin (Moscow)
    Alexander Lyskin is a Russian photojournalist, photographer of the international Fund for animal welfare IFAW, a member of the Royal photographic society of great Britain, and a member of the Union of journalists of Russia.
    The Liskin has some of the highest awards of international professional contests – gold medal and "Golden eye" World Press Photo gold medal Inter Press Photo, prize of the international photography contest of UNESCO on environment and other rewards. Author of a number of his own large-scale projects. Creator of the author's photobank Phorus. Photographer of the International Fund for animal welfare (IFAW).
    Alexander Lyskin – member of the Union of artists of the USSR, member of USSR Union of journalists of Russia, member of Russian geographical society, Professor IPLF (Institute of professional and Amateur photos).
    http://mipap.ru/lyskin >>>
    * At the festival, he will give an author's lecture on creating a documentary photo project.
  • Julia Chernova
    Photographer, journalist
    Julia Chernova is a photographer, journalist, curator. Member of the Union of photo artists of Russia. Creator of the author's courses "Smart gloss" and "Project mind". Participant and winner of various Russian and international competitions, including "Young photographers of Russia", "Silver camera", and the photo contest of the Foundation Potanina "Museum. Dialogue». She has worked for "Rolling Stone", "the Hollywood Reporter", "Empire", "Afisha", "Big city", "Sur la terre", "Dog", "Photo case", "Italia", "BLOGGMAGAZINE", etc. Author of various photo collections and journalistic projects.
    * The festival presents the author's and current documentary photo project Art-residence "Fashion never cries" about the state of the art-fashion community during the period of self-isolation.
  • Valery Koreshkov
    Photographer, writer, publisher
    Koreshkov's life and creative biography consists of four sections: the first is photography. Koreshkov is a member of the Union of photo artists of the Republic of Lithuania and Russia. He finished his career as a reporter as a photojournalist for Ogonek magazine (Moscow). Winner of "World Press Photo" in 1977. The second is a publishing House, which has released dozens of historical albums since 1988, including the iconic M. K. Churlenis "Paintings, sketches, thoughts", "St. Sergius of Radonezh", "the twentieth century in the era of Maestro Sokolov". The third-Writer's-poetry. Released in light of 500 sets of "Haiku poetry, or Poems" under the General name " spiritual Striptease and physical", in five volumes. The Fourth – Sports. In 1967-1970, he took an active part in the promotion of "athletic gymnastics" and devoted his entire 59-year practice of life "imprisonment" to serving the method of bodybuilding as a way of Life.
    * At the festival, he will give an author's lecture on creating a creative photo project.
FotoKrok 5th anniversary festival masters are still being formed.
Stay tuned for announcements and updates.
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25 JUNE - 05 july, 2020
FotoKrok-2020 Exhibitions
The exhibition program of the 5th anniversary festival "FotoKrok" is being formed.
It will be even more interesting! Stay tuned for announcements and updates.
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Exhibition of winners of the festival photo contest " My roads»
MOVEMENT is a cross-cutting theme of the festival. KROK - in Belarusian, it means step.
A step is the beginning of a movement, then the ROADS begin...
We have encouraged Amateur photographers
and you can send pictures that represent the state of constant movement. It is important to understand that movement can be not only in the form of some physical action, but also in the form of spiritual and mental development. All spheres of a person's life, from career to spiritual balance, depend on movement.
Photo: Vladimir Bazan (Vitebsk)
http://fotokrok.org/#chapter01 >>>
Best portfolios of Vitebsk photographers in a special project "VITEBSK WALL»
As part of the festival of photography "FotoKrok" named Sigismund Yurkovsky, a competition for the best portfolio for photographers of Vitebsk and the region is being held. The purpose of the contest is to select the most interesting works of authors working in photography, search for interesting thematic series or photo stories. As a result of selection by a competent jury, the best collections are presented in the festival program as personal exhibitions along with classics of photography.
Photo: Irina Denisova (Vitebsk)
http://fotokrok.org/vitebskwall >>>
The best works about Vitebsk by participants of the previous festival
At the exhibition, it is planned to present a photo report of the participants of the photofest "FotoKrok" to the city and its residents, whom they captured during the festival. Photographers used the city of Vitebsk as a texture to create their creative works. The subjects selected for the exhibition are filled first of all not just with views, but with images of the city, beauty and emotions of citizens.
http://fotokrok.org/2016 >>>

Yuri Abramochkin
This is the photographic record of the country,
the photojournalist Yuri Abramochkin, who worked for APN – one of the largest news agencies in the world, in the magazines LIFE, STERN, and PARI MATCH, managed to visit different parts of the country.
Abramochkin is interested in everything: reports, portraits, landscapes, memories of what is no longer there, even a premonition of the future. But the most valuable thing is meeting people who are familiar and unknown to everyone. The author has a rare ability to see a person and reveal his inner world, he is a brilliant portraitist.
The exhibition consists of several thematic collections, the main-of course, his famous unique "Soviet genre" and Gagarin, then the portrait gallery of world politicians and cultural figures, interesting and noteworthy selection of foreign images of the author, which have not been exhibited for more than thirty years, complete the retrospective several modern frames that prove the author's unique performance, his interest in life, in his profession.
http://sovietfoto.ru/artikle_abramochkin >>>
In 2017, Yuri Abramochkin was a guest at the photo Fair, in 2018, he was not. Now he will return with his creativity.

Wasaznik Michal (Oslo)
Michal Wasaznik makes his pictures in astonishingly consistent way. These photographs present views of people from the artist's closest environment. They contain a large dose of truth and authenticity. They contain power of aesthetic impact that relies mostly on simplicity of framing and programmed, controlled detached attitude of the photographer. Perhaps this way of realization makes it impossible to associate these pictures with any ideology or to submit them to any mystification.
They are documentary pictures – very much so. But they cannot be clearly associated with any particular period.
It seems like the artist succeeded in introducing a sort of relativisation of time. But even if it was not his intention still we are left with very good photographs that deny passing. It means that they play a role that is basic for photography and with which photography is mainly associated. They do not record a "decisive moment" or any special event, they do not relate anything. They just are. That makes their impact so powerful.
Marek Grygiel
Sergey Chilikov (Russia)
Posthumous exhibition of the philosopher and photographer from Yoshkar-Ola Sergey Chilikov. He was one of the leaders of the new Soviet photography of the 1970s, a bright personality in social art and one of the founders of the creative group "Fact".
Sergey Chilikov is called "a photographer among philosophers and a philosopher among photographers". He is the author of a book on Russian analytical philosophy "ARTSEG. The owner of a thing, or the Ontology of subjectivity. (Theoretical and historical essay)".
Chilikov is a photographer with a well-formed style and
a pronounced aesthetic.his works are formally staged.
A characteristic technique for Chilikov is the use of real characters (and items) in a real environment and circumstances. Only their relationships are unreal: they are directed by the author. Sergey Chilikov creates his own playing field where he takes pictures, where recognizable characters are placed in a recognizable space.
On June 21, 2020, the outstanding artist died. Sergey Chilikov is world-famous as a photographer, but he personally claimed that he never was. A multimedia project "I am NOT a PHOTOGRAPHER"has been prepared in his memory.
About the author: http://sovietfoto.ru/chilikov >>>
Tatyana Tkacheva
Exhibition of a documentary photo project of a young Belarusian photographer who became the winner of World Press Photo 2020
Accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, infidelity of her husband, violence, early pregnancy, difficult childbirth, illness, poverty and fear of loneliness-photographer Tatyana Tkacheva in the project "Between right and shame" gives the floor to women who for these and other reasons decided to have an abortion.
"The back is allowed – the face is not necessary" - under this condition, one of the heroines agreed to take part in the project. Almost all the women didn't want to show their faces. The topic of abortion is not just about the choice to give birth or not. This is about how relations between women and men are built in our country, it is about the position of women in Belarusian society.
https://takiedela.ru/2019/02/mezhdu-pravom-i-stydom/ >>>
Viсtor Ratushny
Exhibition of two exhibitions of a recently deceased American photographer from Odessa: "Odessa. 1985" and " new York before and after»
Photos taken by Victor in two geographically very remote from each other, diametrically different in style, are United by the style of the photographer. Despite the fact that they are different in color – colored Odessa and black-and-white new York, they are equally documentary and artistic at the same time. The Odessa theme was born thanks to the orwochrom slide film. Her young 33-year-old photographer shot for one year.
Ratushny showed a multi-layered Odessa with a real, authentic texture, with live characters.
American history is centered in a week of shooting against the backdrop of the tragedy of the terrorist attack in new York on September 11, 2001. For a whole week, America did not laugh – there was shock and memorial displays of love and sincere grief. And then the showdown began: who is looking for the remains of their brothers, who is looking for gold bars.
The combination of two strong contrasts of social and coloristic, gives a very strong impression of viewing.
Sergey Voronin
An exhibition that can give an answer to whether you need to be a believer to fix faith
Sergey Voronin, a former military and news photographer, has been shooting Orthodox photography for more than 30 years. He periodically visits remote and remote places of the country, makes pilgrimages, takes part in religious processions. In his opinion, this is an endless process: it is impossible to remove faith until the end. You can only shoot the movement to it.
"This is a very personal topic, of course. I'm not a religious person, but I'm very often among religious people. I know a lot of fathers. All my heroes are better than me, they are wonderful people. Being among them makes you feel better. Each of you can make a choice sooner or later, not necessarily the same – any, and go to a place where it will become better, where it will make a simple human act. " S. Voronin
http://mipap.ru/voronin >>>
Dmitry Morgulis (Khabarovsk)
Unique exhibition of Khabarovsk photographer Dmitry Morgulis. It contains unusual photos. The photographer drew famous paintings of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso on people's faces.
First of all, Dmitry chose the artist's paintings, then he looked for a sitter for each of them. The exhibition also includes photographs taken on film.
We can say that Morgulis in his project dedicated to P. Picasso, to some extent follows the path of Picasso in his project "Variations on the theme of the painting "Menina" by Velasquez, where he posed a problem that has always worried him – the relationship of the artist, model and viewer. Here Morgulis tries to solve the same problem, but already on the material of Picasso himself.
"Good morning, Picasso!" - this is my interpretation of the work of the great artist, the project was made for three years. Picasso is recognized as the most famous artist in the world Dmitry Morgulis explained the idea of creating an exhibition. He holds the record for the most expensive painting sold. Surprisingly, this artist began his work with photographically accurate paintings, and then moved to cubism.
The author of this exhibition also went this way.
Valera and Natasha Cherkashin (Moscow)
An exhibition of world-class artists created specifically for the festival in honor of the 100th anniversary of UNOVIS.
Valera turned to the topic of Suprematism in 1977-1989 during his experience with the Sterligov Group in Saint Petersburg. Until then, Suprematism had completely neutralized and geometrized forms, and Sterligov and his school had pushed Malevich's discovery towards nature. This was not a return to nature, but a new attitude to it, after Suprematism. The desire for spirituality did not add material weight to the forms, but changed the geometry. The deep experience of working with the" Sterligov Group " was reflected in all the subsequent creative work of the Cherkashins. "Kazimir Malevich lived in a very tragic time and his main colors were black and red on a white background. We are also in a difficult transition period of Perestroika, which is probably why these colors have become predominant for us. They were a form of photographic artifacts in real space. We combined photographic reality with the Suprematist forms that we implanted in it."
artist and photographer
Daria Eremeeva (Vitebsk)
Exhibition of the Best European photographer of 2020 according to FEP.
For more than 7 years, DASHA has been inventing, drawing and photographing her ideas in the field of fine art and fashion, in particular concept art and emotional creativity. This is the case when a combination of directions occurred in the search for your type of activity. The love of painting and photography were combined together and that is why the camera gives such unusual results in the hands of the artist.
Why build a set if there are professionals in 3D? But, to all these questions, there is the simplest answer… It is the creation process that brings the greatest pleasure to the author. "First I create a picture, and only then I photograph it. These are my ART photos, first art, and then photos."
Jānis Deinats (Riga)
Where are we? What is the space in which we are immersed? How does time flow around us, and what is time itself? After all, each of us is always simultaneously in several spaces and in several times. We only see that everything around us is uniform, constant, and linear.
And one day, perhaps, we will begin to feel the "edge of the world", and maybe we will find ourselves at it – in the border zone, where there are no guarantees and promises.
This sense of the changeability of the definiteness of place and state was captured by a photograph in which the author's impulsive submission to the divine movement of the regularity of random coincidences of time and this was translated into images recreated by multi-exposure and a sequence of frames taken one after the other.
"Edge of the world" is a project about the peculiarities of our perception and awareness.
We tend to judge our lives and the lives of others without taking into account the important signs surrounding us. Without even noticing them, or quickly forgetting them – an infinite number of moments and events, the appearance of which means so much, but is always fleeting.
Ivars Runkovskis
Svyatoslav Ponomarev (Moscow)
Svyatoslav Ponomarev is an artist with a holistic worldview, which allows him to be organically realized in art practice. With this project, the artist studies photography as an object that stops time and thickens it, like a resin that catches a bug and – for a million years-turns it and its time into a crystal that sparkles in the light like a jewel. Amber of time-photography? Ponomarev's interest in Time is organically linked to his deep attention to text as a sign and to photography as a form. He is a reluctant archaeologist who accidentally found lost documents-old photographs. Finding no joy of finding, but there is no sorrow, bitterness, as it is outside the individual, and keeping the tone of detachment, operating with finding the height of objectified experiment, the artist connects her with the text of Marcel Proust's "In search of lost time".
https://www.photographer.ru/events/afisha/6034.htm#6 >>>
Photo Club "Minsk"
At the festival in honor of its 60th anniversary, the Belarusian people's photo club "Minsk"presents a unique photo collection of experimental photography "FOTOGRAFIKA".
Developed in 1971, the new creative concept of the photo club "Minsk" for inter-club art all-Union photo exhibitions was a breakthrough in another creative state of the photo club. "Fotografika-71" began to be considered as a creative work of multinational Soviet Amateur photography, and at the level of the vtssps it was decided to make this exhibition a traditional one, with an announced frequency of 2 years.
With the successful holding of the exhibition "Fotografika-71" (and subsequent – '73,'75,'78,'81, '89) Belarusian art photography has become a landmark in the all-Union photographic movement, and the Minsk photo club has become a real "photomekka" for creative photographers not only of the Soviet Union, but also of foreign countries.
Vladimir Pavlov, the club's Chairman, represents the collection on behalf of the club.
special project
Art-residence "Fashion never cries"
Photographer Yulia Chernova, as well as the heroes of her project during the coronavirus pandemic, was at home on self-isolation and conducted shooting on Skype.
Eleven designers from different cities of Russia and one invited guest from Belarus took part in an unprecedented art project: they told in an interview about their civil and business position in the "COVID 19" situation and showed through a webcam how and how they live in self-isolation.
The result is an incredibly sincere and honest project that reveals the secrets of life and art of young and already famous designers of clothing and accessories in the conditions of home self-isolation in the lens of photographer and journalist Yulia Chernova. The project was curated by designer and stylist Anna Skorokhodova.
new names
Exhibition of Vitebsk photographer
and the artist Dmitry Demko
The composition of the exhibitions of the 5th anniversary festival "FotoKrok"
is still being formed.
Stay tuned for announcements and updates.
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25 JUNE - 05 july, 2020
Master classes of FotoKrok
The festival program included daily master classes with invited masters of photography.
Participants of the festival saw their work at the author's exhibitions, and then at master classes and lectures they got acquainted with the experience, technologies, and author's philosophy of creating works.
Creative meeting with the legendary photographer Wilhelm Mikhailovsky.
""FotoKrok" in Vitebsk, 2016. Photo: RUSS PRESS PHOTO
25 JUNE - 05 july, 2020
Portfolio-review of FotoKrok
The festival program includes an open session of portfolio-Revue photos with recognized masters of photography.
This is a place of continuity of professionals and Amateurs, expert assessment by masters of Amateur photography.
Festival sites of FotoKrok
Art Museum
The location of the exposition classics of photography. Interactive photographic performances are planned in the open area in front of the Museum.
Railway Station Vitebsk
Thanks FotoKrok, Vitebsk railway station became a gallery and takes in the walls the festival the exhibition "FOTOTREK in VITEBSK" which opens the program of the Day. It would seem to be the best photographs of the Fotofest "FotoKrok"
Local history museum
The most Central site of the festival - as befits the city Hall. The Museum of local Lore contains original photographs of Sigismund Yurkovsky. During the festival, participants and guests of the city are presented its exhibition. The observation deck of the Museum - town Hall always motivates participants to take photos of the city in its center from a bird's-eye view.
Exhibition hall of the NCCA
The exhibition hall of the VCSI on Frunze Avenue is the location of the author's exhibition.
Main hall of the VCSI
The main hall of the Vitebsk center for Contemporary Art is a place for displaying large-scale exhibition collections.
Gallery " Wall"
In a number of sites FotoKrokishment. The Stena art gallery opened its doors to photographers as well. The best portfolios of Vitebsk photographers in the special project "Vitebsk wall"are presented here as part of the festival.
25 JUNE - 05 july, 2020
Terms of participation in FotoKrok-2020
5th international festival of photography "FotoKrok named Sigismund Yurkovsky
in Vitebsk will be held in the format on-line
on the traditional dates of 25 june - 05 july, 2020.
Register, participate in the festival photo contest "MY ROADS"
(reception until June 15), please follow the announcements to be aware!
*** All festival events – Grand opening, exhibition opening, master classes and creative meetings, portfolio Revue sessions, blitz competition, closing of the festival and awards will be held on-line and completely free of charge!

Registration of participants of the photo festival on this site >>> until 20.06.20.
25 JUNE - 05 july, 2020
FotoKrok-2020 Geography
Vitebsk-regional center of Belarus
June 27-28, 2020-Days of celebration of the city Day (1046)
June 24-28, 2020-FotoKrok Festival
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Warsaw-Vitebsk - 843 km / 11.23 hours by car
Photo: Fotokrok | RUSS PRESS PHOTO
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Partners: Belarusian public Association of photographers BOF
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Vitebsk gallery " WALL"
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Festival FotoKrok 2020

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The founder and organizer of the festival is a Local photography Fund "FotoKrok".
The festival is supported by the Vitebsk city Executive Committee.
The purpose of the photo festival is to unite national and foreign photo enthusiasts in the most creative place of the Republic of Belarus – the city of Vitebsk.
Attract creative people in the field of photography and thereby use their creativity to popularize Vitebsk at the national and world level. Currently, photography is not just a form of visual art, today It is very technical and modern, which allows you to inform the world community about any event in a beautiful, interesting, wide and fast way.
The objectives of the photofest are to show the audience a high level of photographic culture by organizing
a number of high-class photographic exhibitions of both classics of photography and the best works of modern Amateur photographers on a competitive basis.
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