24-28 JUNE, 2020
For photo enthusiasts "FotoKrok" opens the season of Festivals!
We have selected for you 7 good reasons to go from 24 to 28 June in Vitebsk on "FotoKrok".
With "Photocrati" summer begins :).


Participants of the festival "FotoKrok-2016". Vitebsk Photo: RUSS PRESS PHOTO
Large-scale Festival program –
26 events in 5 days!
Come to Vitebsk to plunge into the photo-intensive, history and culture of the ancient city.
24-28 JUNE, 2020

This is the first and very beautiful reason to visit the "FotoKrok"!
Марк Шагал
In 2019, it was the 100th anniversary of VNHU, created by the most famous Vitebsk resident and one of the world's most famous artists – Marc Chagall. This is a good reason to visit with the team of the festival "Fotokrok-2019" the most iconic places associated with the life of the great painter:
- The House-Museum Of Marc Chagall;
- Art-center of Mark Shagal.;
- WNHU, Vitebsk people's art school, restored to
100-year anniversary.
Vitebsk is the city that gave the world the famous avant-garde artist Marc Chagall. Chagall was in love with his native city from childhood: as a small boy, he liked to sit in the attic and look at the low houses and endless fences, the Church and roads of his native provincial city. This love he carried in his heart through all his life, as well as the love for Bella, whom he met immediately.
Now the image of Vitebsk at the beginning of the XX century can not be found almost anywhere, only in the works of the master. Marc Chagall painted in his Studio, which was located in his own courtyard. From her window she could see the hill on which the Church stood, a Church that the artist had often depicted.
Just like a great artist, participants of the photo Club use Vitebsk as a texture to create their photographic masterpieces. And they do it perfectly!
Vasily Prudnikov
Director of The cultural project RUSS PRESS PHOTO
Curator of the festival of photography "FotoKrok"
24-28 JUNE, 2020
This is the second-a very historical reason to visit the "Photo lesson"!
Opening of the Museum on June 27, 2020
as part of the festival "Fotokrok"
In 2018, the famous Belarusian and Russian photographer, designer and inventor Sigismund Yurkovsky, who made a significant contribution to the development of photographic technology by inventing a world – class shutter, without which no professional camera can do.
To commemorate the name of the famous master of our city, a Museum of photography named after Sigismund Yurkovsky is being created in Vitebsk.
For the city , this is another opportunity to attract the world community
to Vitebsk as a place of life for the most talented individuals who have made our city famous with their work and creativity.
Sigismund Antonovich Yurkovsky
Sigismund Antonovich Yurkovsky
(1833 -1901)-the oldest Vitebsk photographer, inventor of the shutter-slotted shutter.
He belongs to the famous circle of Russian photographers of the sixties, whose activities laid a solid Foundation for the development of Russian professional photography. The teacher of S. A. Yurkovsky in his favorite business was the famous St. Petersburg photographer A. I. Denyer.
In 1867, he opened a photo Studio in Vitebsk on Zamkova street. In 1882, he invented the instantaneous photographic shutter, and in 1883-the shutter-slotted shutter, which became the prototype of the shutter of modern cameras.
Author of publications on the properties of photographic materials, the use of photography in criminology. S. A. Yurkovsky was elected a member of the city Duma, was a member of many public organizations, was one of the organizers and participants of the first art and archaeological exhibition in Vitebsk (1871).
He died on the night of February 7, 1901 in Kovno (now Kaunas, Lithuania).
He was buried in the cemetery at the Church of St. Nicholas. Varvaras.
Among the works of S. A. Yurkovsky-portraits of famous people, landscapes, pictures of streets, churches, bridges in Vitebsk.

View of the city from the observation deck at the town Hall. Vitebsk, 2016 Photo: Dmitry Bayrak (Pushkino)
24-28 JUNE, 2020
Days of Fotokrok 24-28 June-days OF celebration of the city of VITEBSK-1046 years
This is the third and very interesting reason to visit the "FotoKrok"!
City day celebration. Vitebsk, 2015 Photo: Vasily Prudnikov
Celebrate the city Day-a glorious tradition of Vitebsk residents!
The holiday is always large-scale, bright, musical, national. Each year has its own highlight. During the festival Fotokrok opened the street named after Mark Chagall, a monument to the family of Prince Alexander Nevsky of Novgorod, exhibitions of retro cars "Autoretro", traditional fairs of artists "Vitebsk Vernissage", historical reconstructions "Vicebsk starazhytny", a retrospective of the work of Mark Chagall and many interesting events, among which the most striking - Fotokrok!
Musical ensembles and folk groups perform on the Central square of the city.the city is filled with workshops of folk crafts and creative people. At the end of the day, everyone is waiting for a colorful salute!
City day will make festival days more festive and eventful!
Day of the city of Vitebsk on the photo of participants of the Festival " FotoKrok":
24-28 JUNE, 2020
This is the fourth brand a reason to visit the "FotoKrok" !
Brand postcard of Vitebsk photographer Sigismund Yurkovsky
Сигизмунд Юрковский. Фотограф из Витебска
Sigismund Yurkovsky is a significant person in the history of photography and his invention in the power of Vitebsk to make a Mecca for photographers. It was here that he made an invention of the world's photographic level-the instant shutter, without which no photographic camera is complete.
The name of Sigismund Yurkovsky has entered the history of national and world photography. He lived at a time when the shutter speed that regulates the amount of light that falls on a light-sensitive surface was reduced from hours to minutes and seconds. The role of the device used to block the light flow was long performed by the lens cap, and the time it was taken to expose the photographic plate was counted by the photographer on a regular clock or in his mind. And when particularly light-sensitive materials were created and the shutter speed was reduced to a fraction of a second, a fairly precise automatic mechanism was required to control the shutter. Masters of light painting in different countries of the world began to work on its creation. A photographer from Vitebsk also took up this task. His efforts were crowned with success — Sigismund Yurkovsky invented the "instant shutter" of the camera, which we today call the shutter-slit. This shutter formed the basis for the creation of photographic equipment for the next hundred years-until the advent of digital technologies.
The participants of the festival is traditionally visited St. Barbara's Church, which was buried Sigismund Yurkovski.
24-28 JUNE, 2020
Opportunity to become a certified prize-winner of the international photography competition
This is the fifth and very solid reason to visit the "FotoKrok"!
Awarding Diplomas and memorable gifts to participants of the festival and the city administration. Vitebsk, 2016
Photo: Denis Sladkevich
Диплом Международного фестиваля фотографии им. Сигизмунда Юрковского «ФотоКрок» в Витебске.
The program of the international festival of photography "Fotokrok-2020" includes two photo contests. The main one is "MY ROADS"with pre-selection and a BLITZ competition during the festival.
Participants of the competitions will be given commemorative certificates of the festival, and the Winners will receive Diplomas of the IV International festival of photography. Sigismund Yurkovski "Fotokrok" in Vitebsk!
A special portfolio contest "VITEBSK WALL" is being held for Vitebsk photographers.as a result, a personal exhibition of talented photographers of Vitebsk region is being held at the festival site. This is a chance to exhibit your work along with the classics of photography!
Last year, 547 participants registered for the festival "Fotokrok-2019", 292 of them took part in the competition, among the submitted works 1594 single photos and 144 series.

Participation of photographers from 15 countries (Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, USA, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Estonia) once again confirmed the international status of the festival "Fotokrok".

In 2019, 16 Laureates and 120 participants of the Fotokrok Festival were awarded diplomas!
Participate and win! CROC is a Movement!
Movement is the way to success!
24-28 JUNE, 2020
26 events in 4 days!
This is the sixth and very good reason
The conduct of the festival master classes "Fotokrok. Vitebsk, 2016 Photo: Vasily Prudnikov

You will find a large-scale program of the festival "Fotokrok-2020":

- opening of 18 exhibitions;

- more than 10 lectures and master classes from recognized masters of Russian, Belarusian and Baltic photography.

- 26 celebrations and cultural events. Among them:
performances of the choreographic group "Performance Mesh Company" under the direction of Yevgeny Ivanov (Minsk) and the long-awaited opening of the unique Museum of photography named Sigismund Yurkovsky!
24-28 JUNE, 2020
This is the seventh-a very interesting reason to visit the "FotoKrok"!
More than a thousand years old, Vitebsk, thanks to its historical and cultural heritage, occupies the 6th position in the list of THE top 10 ancient cities of the CIS, along with ancient Samarkand, Bukhara, Ganja, etc.
In 2016, the city and its suburbs were visited by more than 166 thousand organized tourists.
"Photochrom" – this is a great opportunity to see the city under a different angle, through the prism of their own eyes.

Photos of the city of Vitebsk participants Of the festival " Fotourok-2018":
Bus Moscow-Vitebsk-Moscow
We invite Amateurs and professionals of photography in Russia to participate In the international photo festival "FotoKrok-2020"!
A comfortable Festival bus is organized for you, which will take participants to their place of residence in Vitebsk and back home. The bus goes to the masters of photofest, so that 8 hours of road will fly for acquaintance and fascinating conversations unnoticed, but interesting.
Will provide for the Russian fotodest!


Participants of the festival "FotoKrok-2016". Vitebsk Photo: RUSS PRESS PHOTO
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